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Western Cowboy or Cowgirl Theme Party

Chamberlin Pony Rides has many different "theme" parties.  One of our very favorite is a "cowboy or girl" party!
 "Cowboy or Cowgirl "

It all begins with the perfect entertainment.  And what's a cowboy party without a pony!

With our special low prices, you won't have to rely on the "Daddle" for pony rides.  Call us today and we'll help you make your day one to remember.

We have packages for any size party.  From 1-50 children.  Call today and we will help you plan the perfect event.  And save dads back!

Cowboy Invitations

  1. Write "wanted" in large, block letters across the top of plain white paper or decorative paper that looks aged.  
  2. Draw (or attach) the sheriff's badge to the poster.  
  3. Mail the invitations in large envelopes or roll them up an wrap twine around them and mail in a tube.   
  4. The wording of your cowboy party invitations can be

"Howdy Partners!
We'll be needing your towns people buckaroos to help celebrate Outlaw (your child's name) __th Birthday!
Y'all get ready for the hoedown at the (your last name) Ranch on
(date) at (time)."
"So jump on your horse and mosey on over for some tasty grub and boot stompin' fun!
Give us a Yee Haw at (phone number)!"

Dude 'em up

As guests arrive, present each one with a kids cowboy hat, a bandanna

A grocery-bag vestis always a hit!  . To make one, cut up the center front of the bag, then round out the neck hole and cut circles for armholes. Kids can tear a fringe along the bottom, glue on a foil sheriff's badge or add other decorations.

Cowboy Party Food Ideas

When it comes to food, party goers are usually perfectly content to eat pizza or hotdogs, which is certainly much easier on the hosts! However, if you have the time and would like to serve up some cowboy treats, consider these ideas:

  • A cowboy hat lined with a bandana can be filled with candy or cookies.
  • Fill empty glass jars with candy such as root beer barrels, candy necklaces, pixie sticks, and old fashioned taffy.
  • Make S'mores, or supervise your guests as they make their own over a fire or grill. First, toast the marshmallows until golden. Then, place the marshmallow and a bar of chocolate between two graham crackers, and press the graham crackers together.

Cowboy Fun & Games

Fun and Games: Here are lots of ideas for a boot-'stompin' good time!  

Pinata in the shape of a horse

Play pin the tail on the horse

Horseshoe Toss or Ring Toss.

Rattlesnake Ruckus (Play like Hot Potato Game):
Use a plastic snake, or make a rattlesnake by filling a tube sock with newspapers. Add a rattler to the end of the sock made from a small plastic container (such as a film canister) and dried beans.

Rope a Steer

Chamberlin will bring a straw bale, plastic steer head and ropes and teach your little buckaroos to "rope a steer".

Digging for gold game
Get two bins filled with sand and hide gold coin chocolates inside. The kids will love digging for gold, especially the older ones!

Snake in my boots

Get the children to stand in a straight line and place a cowboy boot a few feet away from the child at the front of the line (vary the distance for difficulty). Give each child a cheap plastic snake and they can take turns to try and throw it into the boot. You could also use a cowboy hat to make the target easier.

Wild West “wanted poster” for cute party photos
You can print out  “wanted” poster for photos of the guests.  Just take their picture as they arrive and paste them in the poster.

Just click on the wanted poster to the left and print out the word "wanted poster" document.

Cowboy Horse Party Favors

  1. Purchase FDA approved clear bags and filled them with Teddy Graham cookies.
  2. Put a chocolate Horse lollipop in the bag and tied it with red, white and blue curling ribbon.
  3. Put the lollipop with cookies in a . I attached a personalized Horse favor tag as well as a small horseshoe charm.


It's a good idea to plan on about 3 hours for your party if the children are 5 or over.  Any more and they will begin to loose interest in your party, no matter how much fun you have planned.

If your party lasts from 1:00 - 4:00 this would be a sample timing:

1:00 - 1:30As guests arrive have them select there "Western Garb".  It's a good idea to order western cowboy hats and bandannas.  Also, if you would like to use the shopping bag cowboy vests.   You can also take their picture for the "Wanted Reward" poster they may take home with them.

1:30 - 2:30 CHAMBERLIN PONY RIDES AND PETTING ZOO  Were all set up and ready to entertain the children.  Let the party begin!

2:30 - 3:00  You can pull the children away with a few of the game ideas above.

3:00-3:30    Cake, ice cream, and cowboy food time.
3:30- 4:00   Open presents and distribute party favors

We look forward to making your Western Theme party a
huge success!

Reservations: 734-368-6582