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Posted 4/5/14
Event Manager "Cowboy" Mike
I just wanted to share with you that we were so pleased with Judy and Mike for our Easter Egg Hunt Event this morning.  They were so professional, cleaning up immaculately before they left.  They were fun and had great interaction with our seniors and the children.  They were just so friendly and had great customer service!  They even remembered that I had requested the pig and made sure that I got a selfie with her!  I was so impressed with Chamberlin and will be sure to highly recommend in the future.  We are already planning to have them back next year and possibly sometime this summer.  Thanks soooo much!     Liz (Waltonwood Activity Director)

Posted 8/6/13
Event Manager Carol Taranto
I loved the fact that they treated my little girl like she was a princess!! Because of you guys my daughter’s party was the best thing she's done in a while and it's the talk of the whole neighborhood. Was even told someone already booked a party with you guys for this month!!   Jeanelle 

Posted 8/4/13
Event Managers Margie and Scott
 Thank you all for doing such a wonderful  job. You made my son's party extremely special and memorable .  The staff was  phenomenal and the animals were beautiful. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! And keep up all your great work.  Sincerely,  LaChoniquie & Kamor 

Posted 7/2/13
Event Managers Dennis andJulie
I just wanted to take a minute to talk about what a wonderful job Julie and Dennis did for my daughter’s 5 birthday party.  They are absolutely fantastic.   They are wonderful with kids, they love what they do and it comes across.  They love their animals and this also is evident.  I want you to know my party could have been a complete disaster.  A huge storm rolled in exactly 15 minutes before my guests were to arrive.  Julie and Dennis halted their set up and came in to see how they could help and what we wanted to do.  Julie explained that we were the last party and she would be willing to work with us to try to put the party on to the very best of their ability.  I just couldn’t believe the determination that they had to get my kid her party.  I feel very strongly most people would have just said:  “Sorry, can’t control the weather” and packed up and left, but not Julie and Dennis.  They set up in the rain quickly and easily, as if they do this all the time.  It seemed that they had it timed somehow down to the very last raindrop.  They got set up in a matter of minutes.   My stress melted away and I got to hold the animals with my 5-year-old and also my 2-year-old.  Julie brought out the star of the show.  A rainbow unicorn festooned with ribbons in her (his) hair and covered head to toe in magical glitter.  Her little face lit up in sheer joy.  Dennis helped gather the kids inside the yard and we rode the princess into her party atop the mythical beast.  The kids hopped up and down in excitement as she took her ride around the yard and couldn’t wait for their turn.  In just under a half an hour, our party went from wild kids running through the house while the storm raged to a magical, amazing event that no one will ever forget.  I cannot express how much this meant to my little girl, to me and my family.  Julie and Dennis are truly kind and wonderful people.  When planning a party like this it is very important to be flexible, and have a back-up plan.  If your back up plan doesn’t seem to work, just try to go with the flow, and you will be in good hands with Julie and Dennis.  They will think of good ideas and suggestions. Listen to them.  Let them do their job, which they do very well and everything will turn out just fine.  Try to enjoy the animals, yourself.  The animals are obviously beyond well-cared for (pampered even) and used to being around kids, the animals loved the attention and gave us a show by showing off and being so friendly with the kids. They all were just beautiful and so good natured.  All in all, this event was just so awesome.  Practically every parent there said this was by far the best birthday party they had ever been to.  Coupled with jokes on how all of their kids were going to want unicorns now.  Most importantly I think I had the best time myself.  I just let go and didn’t worry about the ‘order’ of things which is not my typical nature.  Julie and Dennis did more than take care of the party, they really took care of me.  As a busy working mom that is a luxury I am not accustomed to.  It was truly appreciated. Julie, Dennis you are amazing.  We hope you enjoy a long and prosperous future of spreading joy to kids and families.  We wish you the best and truly cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.  Just know we are your biggest fans and loudest cheer leaders.  Thank you again and again and again.  Aja

Posted 7/1/13
Event Manager Sara Dee
I wanted to let you know how much my guest and I enjoyed the events that your service provided for us.  Everything went extremely well 
Our host was very polite and fun  the only  regret I have is not 
Is not asking for business cards.    Thank you so much for everything!

Posted 7/1/13
I just wanted to say thank you again, we had so much fun and they were the best!  My daughter really enjoyed herself!   Jessica

Posted 6/2/13
Event manager Margie and Scott
Thanks so much for helping to make Lily's 5th birthday so special!!  She loved every minute of it.  Everyone had a wonderful time...They all want to know how I came up with the idea & found you guys...the internet is a wonderful thing.  They also want to know how I'm going to top this party!!  I'm not sure I can.  My husband thought I was going to sneak the baby goat into our closet!!  I did love them... they are so cute. I will definitely recommend you to all my family & friends.  Crystal

Posted 5/19/13 
(Party on the Farm)
FABULOUS just doesn't do it justice. We will probably do this every year for my grandsons birthday. Great feedback from ALL the guests! We have told everyone. We definitely needed the whole 2 hours (on the farm) as the kids and adults were having such a great time.On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) I give it a 10+++ Thanks so much!  Riley's Nana

Posted 5/4/13
Event manager Carol Taranto
They bought a large horse for people to ride along with the pony, we never had so much fun in our lives....It was so amazing and I never would have thought my family would have had so much fun... The boy who came along and assisted the party with Carols mom was great! our children and the adults thought he was amazing...  Thank you so much for the wonderful party. Karen

Posted 5/1/13
Event managers Margie and Scott 
I would absolutely use your services again! I have recommended you to a ton of people that were also very impressed! Everything was perfect! Thank You so much for your professional and friendly service! I was extremely impressed. I have recommended you guys and I will definitely use you again! Thank you for making Dino's first birthday so special.  Rose

Posted 3/22/13
Event managers Margie and Scott 
Thank you so much for everything. the party was incredible and you guys do an outstanding job! Everyone was very impressed. Giovanna was turning 4yo and had the best party ever!  thanks again  Nayana

Posted 2/19/13
Margie's Winter Pony Party SUCCESS!
I wanted to send you an email to let you know how the event for "Grace" went on Saturday ... ...
In all honesty - it could not have gone better from the perspective and control of your farm manager and crew and the service they provided.
(Well actually the weather could have been better and it would have been nice if the water from our hose had not frozen and we did not have to haul water out of the basement - - but all that were acts of god and out of your farm managers control!)
You should be informed that your farm manager - 'rolled with it', problem solved, arrived very close to the party start time despite near white out snow storm conditions on the road in the Novi area (as she was driving to us), set up and got started so fast that no one could figure out how fast they did that! I want you to know that Margie and her crew were efficient, professional yet down to earth and friendly, hardworking and overall amazing!
I have booked all sorts of venues, entertainment and events for my 3 kids over the years. We did Gracie's 1st birthday at a rather swanky, upscale bowling alley, - - we've done a Tigers game and limo for our boys and 15 of their friends, - - we have booked a 50 foot long mobile gaming (xbox) trailer for the boys - - - we've booked a mobile mini golf course and golf cart - - - and with all we have done over the years this is NO CONTEST the very best service that we have ever booked.
With barely any snow falling in Howell when she left - - - and no snow falling at our house at all- Margie set out with all those animals and got just about half way here and had to drive through.  Thanks, Katie
Posted 11/3/12
Hi!!!! I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING your team is. I had

Posted 7/15/12
I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a success my daughters third birthday was July 28th! Julie and Dennis were so kind and very professional. Not only were they great with the animals, they were also amazing with all the children at the party (about 15 under the age of 6!). The set up for the mini petting zoo was so professional. Cute little chairs for the kids to sit in, a towel for each of them to protect them from scratches from the animals as well as hand sanitizer to use afterward. Julie did AMAZING face paintings. I expected some cheesy rainbows and smiley faces, but obviously she is more talented then that! We had about 50 people at our party in total and each and every person couldn't say enough times how nice it was. I gave quite a few people your contact information because they were so impressed. Thank you SO MUCH for making my daughters big day more special then I could have imagined :)   Thanks, Angie
Posted 8/6/12
Event Manager Carol Taranto
I just wanted to thank you for making my daughter’s birthday party truly amazing! Everyone had such a great time and I really appreciate how wonderful Carol and her team were with the kids and my crazy parents who insisted on riding the horses! Again, thank you for making the day one I know my kids and all party guests will remember fondly.  Best Regards, Christine
Posted 7/30/12
I was very much pleased with your service. this is my second time using your company. The girls that came with her
were very professional, Good with children, made  funny face
paintings. Animals were very clean, healthy, friendly. Adults enjoyed
as much as children did. It was really much fun. Pony, horse were
amazing and beautiful. Could not wish for more. Thank you all very
much for providing such a phenomenal job. Sincerely, Anna.
Posted 7/24/12
I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your company's services.  Carol Taranto and her staff were AWESOME!!! I am so glad that I found this company, and decided to go with it.  All the animals were clean, decorated exactly how I asked, and super nice to the kids.  The staff was extremely courteous and nice to all of my party guest.  I especially loved the way the staff interacted with the kids, they really do care! The party was truly a dream come true for my daughter and I.  I highly recommend this company to everyone.  You and your staff are by far THE BEST!!!  It was a blessing to have found you for my daughters 5th birthday party.  As Taelynn says, it was "THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!!!", and I totally agree with her.  Thanks A Million,    Tasha and Taelynn
Posted 7/17/12
 I just had to let you know that  They were AWESOME!!! As you know I started planning my granddaughter 3rd birthday party back in January. I wanted it to be very special because it was her first time coming to Michigan and my second time seeing her. And I must say I was extremely pleased with the service I got from  your team. They were very friendly and professional and everyone (kids and adults) enjoyed them. We had so much fun. Seeing the joy in my granddaughter and her moms face was well worth it. I will be recommending Chamberlin Pony Rides to everyone I know. THANK YOU very much for making Aaliyah 3rd Birthday WONDERFUL.....  Teeny
Posted 6/2/12
I just had to write and tell you what a wonderful birthday party we had yesterday for our son's 5th Birthday thanks to Chamberlin Pony Rides! Carol and her crew were absolutely wonderful!!  Everyone enjoyed themselves kids and adults alike, we even had some adult riders on the horse.  Several people from the neighborhood stopped by to pet the animals, we caused quite a stir on our little city street!  So much fun!
Thanks, Cheryl 
Posted 8/25/11
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how extremely pleased I was with the party we had at my house on August 6.  My 2 year old and all the other children absolutely loved the animals, as did the adults! You were so nice and provided such good service- we couldn’t have been happier.  I have recommended your services to many people.  Thanks again and please continue the wonderful work you and your team do!  Stephanie

Posted 6/9/2011
We were so lucky to have special guests from CHAMBERLIN PONY RIDES & MOBILE PETTING ZOO attend our picnic this year!  All students and their siblings were able to pet goats, ducklings, angora rabbits, chickens and hens, and alpacas! A unicorn delighted the children with a buggy ride, and each child had an opportunity to ride a pony and a horse, too!  THANK YOU to CHAMBERLIN RIDES for the WONDERFUL experience!  You made the magic happen for so many!  Also, the ROSEDALE PTA was so generous and supported our picnic, too!  THANK YOU!!!!!
Posted 6/23/2010
It was absolutely the best! 
We were totally impressed with your staff, your respect for the animals, it was fantastic. Our guest list included Jacob, our birthday boy ( 2yrs old) to cousins, 11 and 12 yrs. old.  It was interactive, and kept all the guests, adults included, interested, and involved. Our 12 yr. old cousin"s quote: "it was wicked-awesome" I would highly recommend Chamberlain Parties and Pony rides.  Marilyn
Posted 06/21/2010
Maryann of Ada wrote:
Just wanted to send a quick note to say "Thanks!". Chamberlin Pony Rides did a great job at my daughter's 6th birthday party. All the kids had a super time with your gentle animals. The wagon ride was a real hit too! Thanks again :)
Posted 06/07/2010
Isabella's 7th birthday!
We loved Carol Taranto and family they did the best party we ever had and we received so many compliments that I had to pass that on to her!! thank you
Posted 10/06/09 by JAKETA S.
 I want to thank Chamberlin animal rides for helping my make my daughter's 5th birthday fabulous. The entire staff was delightful and Liz photographed beautifully in all the pictures(lol) .Everyone totally enjoyed the party even the adults.The animals were friendly and the overall experience was professional and a wonderful time that well remember for years to come. thank you so much and you'll probably see us again |
Posted 08/19/09  by Anitra O
I wanted to thank Chamberlain for making my son's first birthday party a big hit. I had his party at a local park and when they came with the animals, all the kids in the park ran over to my party. Liz and her crew constantly had to tell the children (and some parents) that they were there for a private party. The did it in a professional way (the whole time they were there). Liz was very friendly and I really enjoyed her company. I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again.|
 By  Meredith N  Posted 07/29/09
We had Chamberlin Animal Rides at our home for our son's 1st birthday party. They were amazing!! The women that came were so good with all of the children and very patient. We couldn't have asked for a better party for our son! The animals were wonderful as well. So calm and friendly!! We had such a great time! Thank you for making my son's birthday so memorable!!
By Kim S.Posted 06/30/09
Daughter's 4th Birthday Party!!!   I cant thank Chamberlin Animal Rides enough for an amazing party for my daughter. A great time was had by all including adults! You really have put the event above the rest of parties we have ever had before!!! My family has been non-stop emailing me about how much fun they had at the party!! Thank you again and we will call upon you more often for parties in the future for my other children and for our camps.With appreciation and gratitude,The Shankleton Family Kim, Eric, Naomi, Cassi and Logan
Elizabeth B.Posted 05/30/09
Daughter's 4th Birthday Party :Chamberlin Animal Rides did an awesome job. They had very clean and different animals. Very friendly and makes a fantastic party. The kids fed and touched the animals too. Just a great new idea to make a memorable impression!  
Andi K.Posted 05/29/09
Event Manager Liz
Great Job! "Hope to see you again. Everyone enjoyed having the animals on site. Duncan (the Clydesdale) was a big hit! Our Festival Planning Committee was very satisfied this year."
Peg D.Posted 08/29/08
|Top Notch and Great Prices  
"We've used several vendors for ponies, petting zoos, balloon twisting, face painting and music over the past close to 20 years for our company picnic. Chamberlin was just the absolute best we've ever used and their prices were incredibly competitive. We have toddlers to teenagers and Chamberlin accommodated all of them in ways that we never would have even considered. They're just the best. Two thumbs way up"!
By: Rebecca B. (03/13/08)
 Best birthday party ever! "I hired Chamberlin Animal Rides to come to my home for my son's second birthday. We had over 30 kids at this party. They brought all kinds of animals for the petting farm, pony's to ride, a moonwalk, a bubble machine, face painting, and more! The price was very reasonable compared to what I would have paid to take that many kids somewhere. Everyone had a great time, and it was so easy since they did the setup and clean up!"
The compliments keep on coming!
Chamberlin Animal Rides came to our house for my son's 1st birthday & daughter's 4th birthday. We had about 12 small kids, and 10 older kids. They brought a miniature pony, pony, and horse so that everyone at the party could participate!! (Yes - even the adults!! By the way, the kids really enjoyed watching their parents getting involved and having fun!!) The petting farm was such a hit! Even my 1 year old was giggling as he was petting the bunnies!!People continue to tell me that it was the best party they've been to, and their kids had so much fun . . . and isn't that what it's all about? There was so much for the kids to do - they never got bored!! Face painting & balloon animals were a hit - as was the roller coaster they brought.I can definitely tell you that it was worth the money! It was a party that everyone will remember for years to come!!!!great with kids and perfect animals "
Amy C.
"We recently had them out for our Open House. The kids loved seeing all of the animals and especially loved riding them. They set up quickly and had everyone's attention all night. We have had other petting zoos and pony rides at our event before, but everyone really enjoyed this one. Parents were complimenting for days afterward.Thank you for the great job. We look forward to using you again next year!"'
 sara j.Posted 08/08/08 |
Daughter's 5th Birthday Party "Awesome party, the kids loved every minute. The animals were very friendly and obviously used to being around children. Sally & her family took care of every detail and I would recommend her company to anyone thinking about doing this kind of event".